The Place Where I Dump My Mind Crap

I am 19, I am female, I live in Nebraska, but was born in Mississippi and spent 6 years of my life in Germany. All manner of silly, stupid, deep, philosophical, nerdy, zanny, over-the-top, understanded, cute, awesome, and wtf crap that is in my head gets regurgitated here for your enjoyment. There isn't any theme here, I just stick stuff up that I find enjoyable and if you like it too then that's cool. I have ADD, I like to see different viewpoints, I love learning about new cultures, I love books, movies, anime, manga, comics, graphic novels, series, video games, trading card games, tabletop games, anything with a story really. I love all of my wonderful friends here at the Wayne State College Science-Fiction and Fantasy Club, and I am in love with my boyfriend Donny. I put random crap here, but it's MY crap and I will roll around in it BECAUSE it's all mine.